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track record of success.

We have a 


We focus on developing and executing strategically targeted brand partnerships to brand clients as leaders in their own particular sector. Our company is young, innovative, fresh and accessible with bi-coastal experience in a wide array of product lines. The clients include innovators in the world of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and corporate industries. We have a proven track record of combining sponsorships, celebrity seeding, licensing, promotions, and events to assist in developing successful brands. Our team collaborates with each client to pitch concepts and materials to maximize on potential brand awareness and excitement. Commitment to the highest quality shines through in all services.

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consulting and 


Curating and taking full creative direction of individual and company branding, brand books, creative shoots and campaigns. We strive to cater to your brands unique needs and creative vision.

We start by creating a voice that sets the foundation for the brand and its messaging, allowing us to create programs that help consumers relate to products. All of our tactics focus around creating a long-term emotional connection with consumers - which starts by connecting brands with their audience's needs, desires and aspirations.


Planning the perfect

We help clients build and educate new audiences, promote their products and create bonds with consumers through innovative experiential, social and promotional marketing campaigns.

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We plan

media campaigns.


Our goal is always to directly affect our clients' bottom line. We consistently attract strategic and focused media exposure for our, keeping them current and tied into pop culture or trending stories to ensure that they remain top of mind with all target demographics.

Consulting and 



Our process begins by establishing a connection between our client and the consumer. We believe In focusing on the connection that your brand has to a consumer’s mind.

The depth and breadth of our experience in a multitude of lifestyle categories fosters newsworthy campaigns that consistently reinforce brand relevance and establish long-term brand positioning.

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